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5 Custom Joinery Trends to Elevate Your Shop Fitout
15 Jun 2023

5 Custom Joinery Trends to Elevate Your Shop Fitout

Planning a shop fitout? Custom joinery can add a unique touch and elevate your store’s design.

Custom joinery has always been an essential feature in well-designed shop fit outs, however 2023 looks set to be a year where bespoke joinery becomes a trend (check out The National News) and even more shop fit out projects are now considering bespoke joinery to elevate their spaces; from reception counters to fitted furniture & cabinets. Whether it be sleek & modern or rustic & natural, there are a variety of trends to choose from.

Here are 5 custom joinery trends to inspire your next project.

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1. Minimalistic Designs

Minimalistic designs are a popular trend in custom joinery for shop fit outs. This style focuses on simplicity and clean lines, with a focus on functionality. Minimalistic joinery can include floating shelves, hidden storage and simple display cases. This trend is perfect for stores that want to showcase their products without overwhelming the space with too much clutter. Plus, the clean design can give your store a modern and sophisticated look.

2. Integrating Curves into your Design

Sharp edges and angular designs are out, curves, it seems, are in! There is a trend towards softer edges and ‘modernist curves’ as they add dimension and character to a space. Plus – curves allow an otherwise unused space to come to life and to soften the overall look of a room.

Curves don’t just have to just be integrated only via furniture & lighting fixtures, the very structure of the building can be curved. This can then be highlighted as a painted feature wall or features, such as, circular shelving could be added.

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3. Sustainable Materials

Another trend in custom joinery for shop fitouts is the use of sustainable materials. With a growing focus on environmental sustainability, many businesses are looking for ways to reduce their carbon footprint and promote eco-friendly practices.

Using sustainable materials like bamboo, reclaimed wood, and re-cycled plastic can not only help the environment but also give your store a unique and natural aesthetic. Customers are increasingly drawn to businesses that prioritise sustainability, so incorporating this trend into your shop fitout can also attract eco-conscious consumers.

Being energy efficient, using recycled materials, and seriously thinking about the longevity of the buildings is paramount.

4. Industrial Chic

Industrial chic is a popular custom joinery trend that has been gaining momentum in recent years. This style is characterized by the use of raw, unfinished materials such as exposed brick, concrete, and metal. It creates a modern, edgy look that is perfect for stores that want to convey a sense of urban cool. To incorporate this trend into your shop fitout, consider using metal shelving units, concrete countertops, or exposed brick walls. You can also add industrial-style lighting fixtures or furniture pieces to complete the look.

5. Bold Colours and Patterns

Another trend in custom joinery for shop fit outs is the use of bold colours and patterns. This trend adds a pop of personality and excitement to your store, making it stand out from the competition. Consider using bright colours or eye-catching patterns on your display shelves, cabinets, or even on the walls. This trend works particularly well for stores that sell fun and playful products, such as children’s toys or fashion accessories. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different colour combinations and patterns to find the perfect fit for your brand.

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